Who owns the design concept?

DesignWorks grants the client a license to build only one structure from the plans, and the plans cannot be resold unless by express written authorization of Rick Thibodeau dba DesignWorks, the design copyright holder.

The designs and drawings provided by DesignWorks are protected by the Federal Copyright Laws and may not be copied, reproduced, modified, distributed or used in any other way without the specific written consent of the copyright owner, Rick Thibodeau dba DesignWorks.

Any plans, sketches, drawings, or photos provided by the client for any purpose including that of informing the designer of the client’s desires, needs, and objectives, will not be returned, unless by specific prior agreement. These plans, sketches, and drawings do not in any way constitute any design ownership on the part of the client of the plans and designs provided by DesignWorks.

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